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Track Name: Get it Right
With all them verses in my books it's like I wrote a novel..............
Track Name: SuperDope ft. CurtisC
Superdope, Superdope, ill fresh shit/ take a hit, cut, chop, snort, shoot or smoke/ Superdope, Superdope, ill fresh shit/ get lit this shit's so suitable/
Track Name: Grow ft. Skase AK
(Chorus) don't let it stop stop gimme more/ keep it comin I be ready for/ whatever comes on a run, got a steady roll/ soon as I get a grip, I won't let it go/
Track Name: Lifestyle Addict
(Chorus) Lifestyle addict, lifestyle addict/ got a lifestyle habit, lifestyle habit/ I'm a lifestyle addict, lifestyle addict/ got a lifestyle habit, all night long at it/
Lifestyle addict, I could never get enough/ if you're like that clap, clap get em up/ lifestyle addict, I could never give it up/ lifestyle habits, entitle me to live it up/ 
Track Name: Start From Scratch
( Chorus ) Refresh, new page, start from scratch ( repeat )
Track Name: Line of Approach ft EarRelevant
(chorus) Choose your line of approach/
shift gears, watch the oversteer, coast/
pop clutch, crop dust, don't choke/
accelerate, never wait, just go/
Track Name: NightMayor
(Chorus) I see both sides, u can trust me/ wax wears thin, needle cuts deep/ don't sleep for long, u finna lose your part/ stay sharp, double edge sword in the dark/
Track Name: Not About Me
(Chorus) it's not about me, but i got alotta miles/ under these feet for the year model and style/ don't worry bout me i got two pairs/ but if it's not about u then who cares?/